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Please Contact Me if you have any links you would like me to add.

Denoninations/Organizations/Groups/General Quiz Sites

AG Bible Quiz is the Official Assembly of God bible quizzing website.

Bible Quiz Podcast is a podcast produced by Tim McDaniel which is about teen bible quizzing. He tries to keep it relavent to all denominations but is focused mostly on the Assemblies of God style quizzing.

Churches of God is the official website for members of the Churches of God, General Conference.

CMQ Is the home of Canadian Midwest Quizzing. CMQ is a ministry of Life Impact Ministries of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Coaches Corner is really just an online Coaches Manual. This should be read by every coach. Clyde Walker has written an awesome manual that covers everything from a Ministry philosophy to running practice.

FM Quizzing is the Free Methodist Church website. They have mostly stuff related to their denomination. Things such as rules, stats, pictures, and some general info on bible quizzing.

IFCA stands for Independent Fundamental Churches of America. The new name, IFCA International, adopted in 1996, reflects the world-wide missionary vision and the increasing number of individual members serving in foreign lands. Their quizzing program consists primarily of IFCA members.

Nazarene Leaders has the best resources available for running tournament (Nazarene Style). Roger Sauter has done an amazing job on these resources.

Seekers Bible Quizzing is a bible quizzing group that uses a modified YFC/YEA style rules.

Wesleyan Bible Bowl is a ministry of the Wesleyan Church. The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, Protestant denomination whose core values/doctines have their roots in John Wesley's Methodism.

World Bible Quizzing Association is a non-denominational bible quizzing organization. They host quiz competitions all over the country that are open to all denominations. They have alot of informations and links.

Youth Quiz is the Nazarene's bible quizzing website. The site has devotionals, article obout bible quizzing, a message board, and other resources.

Equipment / Materials / Software

Acme Quiz Products makes the "Quiz Master Software". This is very good software for makeing sets of question for most major denominations. The software does many things. If you have the money I reccomend that you buy their sofware.

Anderson Buzzer Sytems produces hand buzzers and offers a 1 year limited warranty.

CompuQuiz makes great software that you load onto a computer and then hook-up you quiz seats to the computer. I believe this software is the best way to go if you have the option. Many times when quizzing the computer is hooked up to a projector so the audience can see the score as well as who jumped, etc.

Kirkman Quiz Boxes are the nicest jump seats and hand buzzers made. Actually they are only one of two companies that make electronic jump seats. These are very nice but not cheap compared to Quiz Time. These are well worth the money.

Quiz Stuff makes software and hardware that work with a standard computer (usually a laptop/notebook). There are some special hardware requirements at this time so check it out.

Quiz-Time makes electronic hand buzzers and jump seats for bible quizzing. The benefit of these seats are they are about half the cost of the Kirkman Quiz Boxes. But, persoanlly, as a quizzer I didn't like their seats. There are many reasons that I can e-mail you about if you ask.

Zee Craft has a good selection of product available to use at your next quiz.

Memorization and Bible Study

Bible Gateway Has 16 versions of the bible and can even listen to it online. To listen you need to have real player.

Blue Letter Bible is a great website for bible study. Next to each verse there are several little icons that you can click to see commentaries, verses in the orginal Greek and Hebrew and what the root words mean. And much more.

CCEL has the largest collection of classic Christian books online. It's a cool website if you like to read old christian books.

Jon Courson has ton's of free Bible Studies. I believe Jon has the best bible teaching out there. He has been blessed in his ability to teach the bible. You can listen to his studies on every chapter and verse in the bible. However, he does take along time.

Other Projects

Hymns is a collection of hymns I have collected over the years. I have over 12,000 hymns that will be put online along with relevant links to music on Amazon/iTunes and more.

Christian Classics is a large collection of classical Christian literature.